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The Philosophical Coach exists so that health, education, law and politics effectively fulfil the interests of society, what matters most to people, the economy, and what is possible for humanity. 

Sam Kukathas The Philosophical Coach Life Coach

You don’t need coaching. 

You are already great.

But you are the kind of human being who is so committed to your cause that you are willing to be challenged on the way you see yourself and the world. 

You are willing to take uncomfortable action to stretch and grow. 

You love pushing yourself to new levels. 

You love challenging yourself. 

Like all of us you still have worries, concerns and fears that at times get in the way of realising the totality of your vision. 

The circumstances and uncertainty of daily life can bring forth anxiety. The sheer scope of what you are seeking to accomplish can create overwhelm. But it is not where you hang out most of the time. 

And others’ not fully getting it or buying in can leave you not just frustrated but perplexed as to how they can have such tunnel vision. 

But whatever the hurdles that you have in front of you, your commitment to making this happen keeps driving you forward. 

You iterate, you innovate, you create and you envision a way of seeing things that others are yet to see. 

When you are aiming to do something which can truly alter what is possible for humanity you want a partner who will stand for your magnificence, sharpen and illuminate your vision, bring an external perspective on your time slice of reality, whilst helping you discard with any of the BRULES that you have been conditioned to take on in virtue of being human. 

If this is you, then let’s start a conversation. 

I have worked with everyone from CEO’s, managing directors, creatives, entrepreneurs, couples, retirees, academics, students. What you do is not important what you care about and what you are committed to and how much you are willing to challenge yourself is.

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BRAINZ 500 GLOBAL AWARD The Philosophical Coach was chosen by Brainz Magazine as ‘one of 500 Companies and Influential Leaders who are recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements, and dedication to helping others.’ The Brainz 500 Global list included such luminaries as Jay Shetty, Jim Kwik, Marisa Peer and Oprah Winfrey. ​

"Your opportunities really are limitless. No vision is too big."