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Visionary Leadership Coaching for Meaningful Change in Society

The Philosophical Coach exists so that politics, law and health effectively fulfil the interests of society.​

The Philosophical Coach exists so that politics, law and health effectively fulfil the interests of society. Located in the heart of Westminster, we are leadership coaches who work with decision makers in law, politics and health, with the ultimate goal to optimise the wellbeing and effectiveness of society as a whole. We help bridge the gap between the self you want to become, and where you are right now, maximising your existing strengths as a leader. With this innovative form of leadership development coaching, you can tap into your existing ability to make a greater impact on your sphere of influence, as well as reaching higher levels of fulfilment and life satisfaction. Based in Westminster areas, our executive coaching service works with politicians, lawyers, academics and visionary leaders across London, the UK, and internationally.

Meet, Sam Kukathas

The Philosophical Coach

London based Leadership coach Sam Kukathas has worked with influential leaders across the world who have shaped and challenged what is currently possible for humanity. As a visionary leadership and executive coach, managing directors, leadership teams, politicians, lawyers, academics, artists, and designers have all benefited from his guidance. He has dedicated the last 14 years to examining the nuances of the human condition through extensive research and academic study. As a coach and advisor, he now seeks to put his knowledge and insights to create a tangible impact on the sectors that have the biggest impact on society.

We partner with changemakers on what matters most to people. We are all about helping you make a change both inside and out, promoting the emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing of leaders across London, the UK, and the rest of the world.

By fostering and encouraging your growth as a person, and accelerating your professional development, we empower leaders to increase the positive impact they have in their sphere of influence, from law to healthcare. Our executive coaching aims to help politics and law to positively impact the wider society.

We work with couples across London to reinforce their connection and partnership, so that their relationship works well in connection and growth. With our relationship coaching, we work with couples to let go of past baggage, improve expectations of each other, and create opportunities for greater understanding and intimacy.

Visionary leadership coach Sam Kukathas is an insightful and intelligent speaker located in Westminster. He has an innate ability to connect with audiences and individuals alike. He is a popular speaker in arenas such as politics, the legal sector, and healthcare. He draws from his personal and professional experiences, and everything he has learned from working with a range of people over his 14 years as a coach.

See our impact on law, politics and healthcare, the sectors that have the biggest impact on what is possible for humanity.

Our leadership development coaching and advisory service for politicians aims to help clients build trust with the people and communities they work with, overcome division, and lead with humility and humanity. We help our clients to find the right balance in their professional and personal lives to create a career and lifestyle that stays true to their values.

The wellbeing of society as a whole is a large theme in the executive coaching we provide to leaders in the healthcare and wellbeing sector across the world. We prioritise a holistic approach to all aspects of wellbeing, from physical to emotional and mental. We build impactful connections with visionary researchers and leaders who are pioneering and innovating in their field.

Our leadership development coaches are passionate about helping legal professionals break free from limitations, to find a new human-centred approach to work. Based in Westminster, we work with legal firms across London and further afield. We help organisations and leaders to advocate for change to make law work for society.

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