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The Philosophical Coach is the development of 13 years dedicated to the question of what it is to be human. Sam Kukathas, the founder of The Philosophical Coach spent 18 years studying, researching and teaching philosophy at many of the most prestigious universities in the world, including the Australian National University, King’s College London, London School of Economics, and the University of Oxford. Sam is known for his relentless pursuit of further mastering what it looks like to live an aligned life free from the hamster wheel he previously knew. 

Sam has spent the last five years dedicated to, as well as training in, what it looks like to live an extraordinary life.  This has included completing the most rigorous, challenging, and transformative leadership programs worldwide. Since then he has gone on to work with the most groundbreaking coaches, leaders, and experts in the human condition of the last 50 years. He has worked on the latest developments in the effective exercise of leadership. And he is trained in the latest techniques in emotional mastery, allowing clients to heal challenges which have been with them for decades. 

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Meet The Founder

Sam kukathas

Imagine we could create a new future in politics not given by the past. Imagine that we could shift the agreement in the world around mental health so it were no longer a disempowering context from which people lived. This is what I am committed to creating.

I have had the honour of working with the leaders who have shaped what is possible for humanity and that has expanded my own vision of what is possible. Before, I discovered transformative leadership, I wrote about the nuances of being human as a philosopher. Now those two worlds have collided.

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What we offer

Executive Coaching, Group Coaching and 1:1 Coaching

The Philosophical Coach provides high performance coaching to leaders, businesses, organisations and individuals. Whether you require assistance unblocking challenges with anxiety, your relationship or business, The Philosophical Coach can create a bespoke programme to deal with any circumstance that is inhibiting goals and performance.

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Our Process

This is how we work

The Philosophical Coach works with individuals and groups for one-on-one sessions, group sessions or courses. 

On the initial call, you and Sam  will discuss what it would look like to break past your limits, whether you are conscious of them or not. You will see where you have hit your ceiling. You will have clarity, peace of mind, and trust that you can go beyond what is holding you or your team back and diminishing your effectiveness. 

Next, Sam will develop a bespoke programme specifically tailored to your needs. Whether that be building resilience, identifying blocks within performance, eradicating anxiety, or building partnerships which thrive. 

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