I am not here for your life to be okay, I am here for it to be Magic

“Your opportunities really are limitless. No vision is too big…”


Political Coaching

Discover what it takes to fulfil your political vision.

Relationship Coaching

Discover how to create effective and powerful communication which disappears the space between people.

Executive Coaching

Transform your leadership, performance, and communication and discover how to powerfully deal with any circumstance.

Expand Your Consciousness

An introductory session for those who are ready to step into a higher level of consciousness.

Political Coaching

Do you feel frustrated by the state of politics? 

Are you in office or considering running for office?

Do you aspire to make a tangible difference in politics?

If you do, then you are in the right place.

I work with you to disappear political frustrations so you can create and fulfil your political vision. In doing so you make the kind of impact in politics that you wished you could make, dreamed you could make, but never believed was truly possible.

We do this whilst enabling you to experience a level of peace of mind and ease that is entirely out of step with conventional political reality, regardless of the challenges in front of you.

If you are ready to fulfil your political vision, then I invite you to book a call. 

Relationship Coaching

Imagine you had freedom from your past, so you now had the opportunity to create your relationship from a blank slate. All the old scripts would be thrown out. Our relationship coaching service looks at what is possible for you to create a partnership that never got old, because it was constantly a space of discovery, excitement, love and wonder. A relationship that was truly a blank slate.

In an introductory revitalise your relationship coaching session you will take the first step in creating this.

In this session we will:

  • Create a crystal clear vision for the kind of relationship you’d love to have. 
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your relationship success.
  • You’ll leave this session renewed, re-energized and inspired to turn your current relationship into the relationship of your dreams (or know if it’s time to get out).
The Philosophical Coach is your go-to life coach to revitalise your relationship
The Philosophical Coach Life Coach Business

Executive Coaching

The higher up the leadership ladder you go the more it seems there is to do and the more it feels there is to prove.

Do you struggle to keep up with your own self-expectations?

Do you find yourself trying to get it all done?

Do you feel like it’s all up to you?

The Philosophical Coach has worked with leaders in numerous fields including, CEO’s, managing directors, entrepreneurs, elite performance teams. 

The Philosophical Coach is the culmination of 13 years dedicated to examining the nuances of the human experience, 5 years training and working in effective leadership, and working with groundbreaking leaders.

Having worked in elite performance teams in the most high pressure environments, I am adept at transforming how you deal with any circumstance whilst maintaining your calm.


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