Do You Ever Find Yourself Saying I Have Depression
Or I Have Anxiety Or I Have PTSD?

Creating a Joyful Life

If you have then you are in the right place.

And you might be thinking why are you mentioning mental health, I thought I was going to learn about bringing joy to my life. If you are, I get that and I will get to that, but first let me delve into the context which is preventing that being possible.

Much of the conventional wisdom about mental health is around managing your mental health. The results are 1 in 6 people are on some kind of drug to treat anxiety or depression.

And many people are living from always having to deal with PTSD. These aren’t things that will go away, they live as if they are part of them and must be managed or they will flare up.

And this is not because people don’t have strong mindsets, there are extraordinary leaders who are dealing with PTSD, anxiety, depression… sometimes all three.

You may be among those!

Tyson Fury has an incredibly strong mindset and has been an inspiring champion for overcoming the lowest of lows and showing the world that we are not just resilient but capable of anything we put our minds to. And yet when you read about him now he still describes himself as having depression.

Why would someone with such a strong mindset see themself that way?

Because we create depression as something we have. Our minds latch onto things we have and they become ours, they belong to us. And this happens consciously or unconsciously. 

So many of the people I work with will speak from this precise language. And the language you communicate to yourself and others is critical to what life looks like in the present.

Because right now we have a lot of agreement in the world around what counts as depression, and that agreement creates relatability with others.

We can see this everywhere. Everyday there are hundreds of thousands of people sharing and commenting openly about their mental health.

And let me be clear, their experience is valid. And if this applies to you, your experience is also valid.

What I want to offer you is an alternative out of the conceptual realm which robs you of the opportunity to live a life of peace and joy.

People are relating to one another’s experience but for the most part that relatability is not making a real difference in the quality of people’s lives. They are still having to manage their anxiety or depression or PTSD or a combination of these.

These are often not just incredible leaders but brilliant minds who are still performing at superhuman levels, especially given what they are dealing with.

I honour you. I acknowledge you for your resilience, strength and courage. And I am here to offer an alternative. Having been in your place I see it as my responsibility to do so.

How I discovered the secrets to relieving anxiety

These were spaces I knew intimately. 5 years ago I declared openly to 150 people I had never met that I had been through a lot of trauma, and that was just how I saw my experience.

Until I was 31 I dealt with a lifetime of anxiety. From being a small child onwards I lived life dealing with anxiety.

When I was an academic, I dealt at its worst stage with suicidal ideation, and I experienced feeling deeply depressed struggling to get out of bed.

And then 5 years ago all of that went away and I was living in a new world. I went from being a pessimistic philosopher with a typical glass half full approach to life to seeing the magic in people and living a life of discovery, wonder and joy.

The 5 critical shifts that helped me resolve my anxiety, depression and PTSD

  1. I discovered that who I thought I was, the certainty I had created, was a fiction.
  2. I discovered the empowerment and transformation that came from leaning into taking responsibility for every ounce of my life.
  3. I created a separation between who I am and my mind.
  4. I applied what I had learned from neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and healing about being human.
  5. I discovered the joy and adventure that comes from creating life on your terms, and throwing away any script that was not serving me.

This is the work I do with my clients around enabling them to discover their infinite power to create a life of peace and joy, and to let go of anything which stands in their way.


There are conversations where in an hour a client has gone from anxiety to joy. We spoke for an hour, they saw what they were avoiding, took massive action, and they came back as a new human being beaming from ear to ear. Here's me sharing with Saj Shah in our podcast on How to Unlock Your Joy Potential an example of what that looks like.

My focus is not on keeping you looking backwards into your past, my focus is on helping you get to peace with speed so that you can live in flow and take action from a place of love, joy and peace of mind.  

What keeps alive old beliefs and identities including being anxious, depressed or dealing with PTSD is not just the habits you have in place. It is the fact that the emotion that is tied to your experience of mental health is trapped in your physical body. Once these are released and you experience peace you start taking action from a place of joy, excitement, and love not fear.

This is not a program where there is a syllabus and you need to watch a lot of videos. The bulk of those are ineffective and led to people being given information but experiencing little transformation. 

You don’t need more knowledge or information, you are already experts around your experience. 

And it is through enabling you to process and experience your experience that I will enable you to enjoy a state of peace, love and joy in the areas of life that matter to you.  

How Long is the Program?

This is a 6 month program and it is 6 months because I am committed that the results last you a lifetime.

In 6 months if you show up fully committed to your life, then you will leave this program being able to create a joyful life ongoingly.

The intention of this program is for you to leave free from experiencing yourself as  ‘I have anxiety’, ‘I have depression’, ‘I have PTSD’.

  • If you commit to giving up what you know then that in turn creates the possibility to be free of anxiety, depression and PTSD.
  • If you show up with a hunger to see where you can take full responsibility for your life, this program is for you.

If you put your whole life in this program, as opposed to trying to fit the program into your life then you will not know yourself in 6 months time. You will be knocked back by who you know yourself to be. People will want to know what you have done to create this level of joy in your life.


What is possible out of my full participation in Creating a Joyful Life? 

Some of the benefits that are possible, if you play full out, are:

  • Creating freedom from anxiety
  • Creating freedom from depression
  • Creating freedom from PTSD
  • Learning how to get to peace in areas of importance to you
  • Seeing the lightness in life
  • Living from discovery, wonder and excitement
  • Transforming relationships in your life
  • Up levelling your leadership
  • Up levelling your performance
  • Creating jobs you love
  • Creating teams that work in harmony
  • Creating more impact
  • Creating financial freedom
  • Experiencing fulfilment in anything you are doing
  • Being calm
  • Being at peace
  • Being proud of who you are
  • Being loving with everyone around you
  • Being accepting of yourself and others
  • Being joyous
  • Being present
  • Being sexually connected
  • Being more intimate
  • Being confident
  • Being magnetic to others

If you have got this far, then that tells me that you are hungry for this. And that tells me that you are likely a fit for this program.

But even if you are the person who is saying ‘Yes I want to do this!’, let’s slow down.

I invite you into a conversation with me where we can explore this together.
In this conversation I will give you an experience of what is possible for you and at the end there will be an opportunity for both of us to look at whether we both see joining the course as the best way to fulfil the future you are out to create. 

"As an adult in pursuit of perfectionism, I worked night and day, seven days a week to make my dreams come true. Slowly, workaholism, family problems, a hedonistic lifestyle and terrible relationship choices took its toll, leading to PTSD plus a bunch of chronic illnesses. For years, I went on, barely surviving. For things to change, I had to change. Physically, the doctors could not help me. In life, I tried changing careers, monetising my interests, starting businesses, studying, therapy, alternative therapies, self-help, nothing was working, but time was marching on and I was getting physically, mentally and emotionally sicker. I was so ashamed of my illness, of not achieving my goals or maintaining my commitments that I shut myself off from the world, very few of my friends or family know why. There was so much I wanted to achieve, so much I wanted to contribute to, that I reached out to Sam for help- he was my last hope. In our first session, he was able to demystify a lifetime of negative behaviours, bad habits and limiting beliefs that kept even the most acclaimed therapists baffled."
Kiera Kelly
Digital Content Creative​

what our clients have to say

"Your opportunities really are limitless. No vision is too big."


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