Executive Coaching

The higher up the leadership ladder you go the more it seems there is to do and the more it feels there is to prove

Executive Coaching

The higher up the leadership ladder you go the more it seems there is to do and the more it feels there is to prove.

Do you struggle to keep up with your own self-expectations?

Do you find yourself trying to get it all done?

Do you feel like it’s all up to you?

The Philosophical Coach has worked with leaders in numerous fields including, CEO’s, managing directors, entrepreneurs, elite performance teams. 

The Philosophical Coach is the culmination of 13 years dedicated to examining the nuances of the human experience, 5 years training and working in transformative leadership, and working with the leaders who have shaped what is possible for humanity.

Having worked in elite performance teams in the most high pressure environments, I am adept at transforming how you deal with any circumstance whilst maintaining your calm. 

At its core clients experience being powerfully able to experience calm and peace of mind in their life independently of the circumstances. They live in the opportunity of responsibility. 

My work is grounded on three core pillars: transforming your performance, leadership and communication. 

I offer a way of looking at mental health which shifts this from being a problem to something clients experience being empowered around. With it anxiety, depression and trauma dissipate and clients start experiencing an increase in joy, resilience, and peace of mind.

Here are some of the benefits that leaders experience through executive coaching with The Philosophical Coach:


  • Creating extraordinary relationships at work and home
  • Mastering the art of courageous/challenging conversations
  • Being present in life
  • Being loving


  • Trusting themselves
  • Discovering and owning their genius
  • Shifting from fear to courage
  • Operating in flow
  • Overcoming burnout and overwhelm
  • Overcoming creativity blocks
  • Shifting from a victim to owner mindset


  • Develop the confidence to handle any challenge
  • Becoming effective leaders 
  • Discovering being empowered and the creator of their life 
  • Operating with transparency and candour
  • Creating teams that work in seamless partnership

If this sounds like something that could be of benefit to you, your team, your company then I invite you to reach out to have an initial conversation.

what our clients have to say

"Your opportunities really are limitless. No vision is too big."