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About us

The Philosophical Coach exists so that politics, law and health effectively fulfil the interests of society, what matters most to people, the economy, and what is possible for humanity.

What is The Philosophical Coach?

The Philosophical Coach bridges the gap between your desired self and your current state through unique leadership and executive coaching. Discover your existing leadership qualities and unlock your potential for growth. Realise that you already possess the necessary attributes to make a greater social impact as a leader in any domain. Our coaching triggers an emotional transformation, empowering you to embody this realisation at a profound level.

Operate from an empowered state, consistently handling challenges with newfound effectiveness. Experience the transformative power of our coaching and unlock your true leadership potential.

Meet, Sam Kukathas

The Philosophical Coach

Sam Kukathas has worked with influential leaders who have shaped what is currently possible for humanity. As an executive leadership coach, CEOs, managing directors, leadership teams, politicians, lawyers, academics, artists, and designers have all benefited from his guidance. He has dedicated the last 14 years to examining the nuances of the human condition. Sam coaches mission-driven leaders in law, politics, and health, helping them create significant social impact while living lives of peace, fulfilment, and flow.

As an acclaimed Oxford scholar, Sam brings 19 years of experience excelling in research, teaching, and leadership roles at prestigious universities globally. As an expert in David Hume’s theory of the mind applied to law, morality, and politics, Sam has developed a unique reasoning model to serve society’s interests and promote happiness within social and political institutions.