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Motivational Speaking

Sam Kukathas is an empowering and deeply insightful motivational speaker known for his holistic and transformative approach. Based in the heart of Westminster, London, The Philosophical Coach is your catalyst for positive change and a brighter future, personally, professionally, and for the wider communities we live and work in. With 20 years of experience teaching and speaking in top universities on the intersection between philosophy, law and politics, Sam has a wealth of actionable knowledge of the human condition that can create an impact on the sectors that have the biggest effect on humanity.

Connection for change

With a rich background in philosophy and coaching, Sam’s inspiring motivational talks combine intellectual rigour with practical wisdom to inspire and empower audiences. His captivating speaking style and ability to connect with individuals and groups make him a sought-after speaker in various arenas, including politics, law, and health.

Ignite your passion

As the founder of The Philosophical Coach, Sam Kukathas is here to guide leaders and organisations towards profound transformation. Through his motivational speaking engagements, he ignites a passion for personal growth, elevates critical thinking, and inspires individuals to create a meaningful social impact.

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Sam is available for speaking and motivational engagements across London and further afield. Contact Sam for further details. Complete our contact form here, and we will respond to you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you.