Creating Freedom from Anxiety

In this episode Sam Kukathas, The Philosophical Coach, shares how he created freedom from anxiety, and why challenging societal agreement about anxiety is imperative for people experiencing freedom from it.
This Humean Life with The Philosophical Coach
This Humean Life with The Philosophical Coach
Creating Freedom from Anxiety

What would it be like if you had freedom from anxiety as opposed to just seeking to manage anxiety?

When I interview leaders around this it is not in the realm of possibility for them. In fact many equate freedom from anxiety as simply being able to manage it better.

The hold of anxiety is so pervasive, that when I ask ‘Will you always have anxiety?’ the answers are either an emphatic ‘yes’ or ‘I hope not’.

There is such a high level of resignation that this is how life will always be and you just have to make the best of it.

And I get it!

That was exactly how I saw things up till just under 4.5 years ago.

I believed having anxiety was my lot in life and I just had to make the best of it.

The impact for me was crippling, and the cost was extreme. From the outside it looked like I was ‘making it’ but eventually for me everyday became a struggle.

Having discovered the peace of mind that freedom from anxiety created it is my mission to create freedom from anxiety for as many people as possible.

In this episode I challenge the societal understanding of anxiety and share why this reductionist approach is killing any opportunity for people to live a life of aliveness, joy and peace of mind.

I share why our understanding of anxiety is conceptual and not experiential. So long as it remains conceptual, anxiety will expand as a problem in society.

You will hear me share about the work I have done to reverse engineer anxiety. This comes from experience, coaching, neuroscience, cutting edge research on anxiety, and working with leaders who have shaped the entire transformation industry.

When I get leaders present to the possibility of having freedom from anxiety, and ask them what difference it would make they say things like: trust, confidence, being present, joy, even ‘it would be everything’. What they all say is ‘peace of mind’.

If you are tired of trying to manage anxiety or rely on tips about dealing with anxiety, then I invite you to go here to book a complimentary Freedom from Anxiety call with me. Together we will create a pathway for creating freedom from anxiety which is bespoke to you.

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