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Sam Kukathas, an awarded Oxford scholar, is committed to the transformation of our most important social, political and legal institutions. Over the last 19 years Sam has researched, taught, led and designed seminars and courses in jurisprudence, politics and philosophy at many of the most prestigious universities around the world including University of Oxford, London School of Economics, King’s College London and Australian National University.

Through 19 years in education, he has seen what works and what does not in the elite institutions in which he has both studied and taught. This ranges from the heavy reliance on outdated systems and bureaucratic leadership that stymies liberal thinking and performance to the ineffective methods of communication and the impediment of the ordinary human condition.

He is an expert in David Hume’s theory of the mind as it applies to law, morality, and politics. He has developed a model of reasoning that can be applied to social and political institutions (which includes education), all to the aim of fulfilling the interests of society and providing for the happiness of people. 

He has spent the last five years dedicated to, as well as training in, what it looks like to live an extraordinary life.  This has included completing the most rigorous, challenging, and transformative leadership programs worldwide. Since then he has gone on to work with the most groundbreaking coaches, leaders, and experts in the human condition of the last 50 years. He has worked on the latest developments in the effective exercise of leadership.

Sam is a practitioner of alternative health. Trained in ultra-high frequency energy healing, he has worked with clients to disappear conditions traditionally described as mental health issues. These include anxiety and PTSD. He has worked with clients to disappear a range of emotional challenges that have often been with them for decades: including fear of failure, lack of confidence, overwhelm and stress, loneliness, grief, forgiveness, financial scarcity. He also uses healing to enable clients to expand in consciousness and to create innovative solutions to challenges they face.  

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Imagine we could create a new future in law and politics not given by the past where the interests of society and the happiness of people were the foundation. Imagine that we could shift the perception of mental health so it were no longer a disempowering context from which people lived. Imagine that education was an investment in a future that fulfils you not a debt you will never be able to pay back. This is what I am committed to creating. This is why The Philosophical Coach exists.

The moment I knew this was possible in law and politics was when I utilised ultra high frequency energy healing to disappear a former local politician's 30 years of political frustrations in 40 minutes. From there, a vision for a non-ideological transparent, collaborative and heart centred politics emerged which in their words would likely 'solve most of the problems in the Middle East' if utilised internationally.

I have had the honour of working with the leaders who have shaped what is possible for humanity and that has expanded my own vision of what is possible. Before, I discovered transformative leadership, I wrote about the nuances of being human as a philosopher. Now those two worlds have collided.

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