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Sam Kukathas The Philosophical Coach Life Coach

Ram Subaratnam

Legal Professional

I started coaching with Sam at the beginning of Summer 2020. At the time, I was dealing with a number of challenges: serious issues with my health, a late career change, and difficulties in my interpersonal relationships. I can’t describe exactly how I felt during this period. But if I had to take a stab at this, I think I felt stuck in some sort of ‘regret spiral’ about all the decisions I’d made in my 20s. I’d sometimes lie in bed thinking about how I would tell my ‘younger self’ to make better choices – to pursue law school instead of a PhD, to take certain health concerns more seriously, or to end certain relationships instead of letting them carry on. In this way, I spent nearly two years playing out different ways my life might have unfolded if I had just made better decisions. Of course, I’m hardly the only person who has ever felt this way. It’s all too easy to feel unmoored or overwhelmed when big decisions don’t go as we initially envisioned. But I genuinely believe there are ways to overcome such feelings and live a more fulfilling life. My sessions with Sam were absolutely vital in this respect. Sam helped me get myself out of whatever rut I’d felt stuck in. He has a remarkable gift for recognizing how people speak about themselves and their relationships. During our sessions together, he frequently pointed out some of the unjustified assumptions I was making about myself, my problems, and my relationships. In a sense, he helped me get out of ‘autopilot’, allowing me to see things that I was often just taking for granted. And he did this in his characteristically gentle and patient way. I look forward to every session I have with him. Besides the pleasure of just talking with Sam – he is, as some of you might know already, a pretty great conversationalist – our sessions together were always practical and insightful. Sam frequently had me reflect about my past so that I could get a better handle on where I am now and where I want to go in life. More importantly, he offered me concrete steps to shed old habits that were undermining my effort to become the person I ultimately want to be. These were crucial in helping me reconfigure my relationships with other people, both at work and at home. Still, if I ever lapsed into old ways, Sam never judged me for it. Instead, he typically drew my attention to how far I have come, offering me encouragement and being my cheerleader as I tried to navigate big decisions in my life. Sam, I just wanted to say that I deeply appreciate the gentle support and thoughtfulness you’ve shown me ever since our first session together. You are an absolute angel.

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Jacopo Scarabello

Author/Speaker at Economia a Polpette

Sam is an amazing man, an awesome listener and a wonderful coach. I had the pleasure to be coached by Sam and every conversation we had made a huge difference in what I was dealing with at the time. I especially appreciate his listening and the space he creates with me. He allows me to say all the stuff I'm going through, and he masterfully guides me to find my answers, realise what are the stories I'm telling myself, and be empowered to take the actions I need to take to get what I want. Thank you so much Sam you're an amazing human being!

Ganesh Makam


I loved all my conversations with you Sam. It's made a tremendous difference with my way of being, it's really powerful. The coaching that I received has helped me spot my own blind spots and act on them. You ask some powerful questions that make me go deep and think in different ways. It's like peeling an onion, I finally get to the root causes. I remember a distinct moment, during the conversation, I was able to unlock my specific higher purpose and the value in my life. That was really powerful and it helped me go to the next level. This was around my vision of inspiring people into sustainable lifestyle concepts. I highly respect your work and would love to be associated with you in your future endeavours whichever way possible.

Saj Shah

Life Sciences Transformation Leader

Sam is an empowering human being with a massive heart. His listening of people’s magnificence is incredible. Every conversation with Sam leaves me feeling refreshed and powerful. I connected with Sam instantly both intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Sam can make an instant difference in people’s lives though his unique deep listening talent and have people discover what they really care about and want for themselves even when they can't quite put their finger on it. Thank you for being the immense contribution you are to people. Proud to have you as a friend.

Kelly Dhru

Co-founder of Indian Bioethics

Sam, I am writing to you to thank you for a truly wonderful coaching experience!  I remember our first session in which the idea of the “play” already brought in a huge change in the way I approached my work, which had previously seemed so overwhelming and out of control, and  within a few days, I had already finished an assignment that was due! Even the tip of putting a sticker that said “I am enough!” on my mirror made a huge difference when it comes to working on self-love. That has really helped transform the way in which I deal with social pressures around, and my relations with people near and dear to me. I also appreciate how you have always encouraged reaching out to you even outside of the designated coaching session timings.  Sam, you have an amazing ability to clearly understand complex and intricately intertwined and complex emotions, and our sessions really brought a lot of deep insight. It was incredible how you connected the different strands of the same tendencies in different aspects of life, and I still remember you telling me, “If this thought shows up in this context, it probably comes up elsewhere too”!  Thank you for helping me transform, and sending hugs your way!!

Will van der Merve

Business Development Manager, Palisade

Having had coaching from you in the past I can say your commitment to helping people is awesome and I like to recommend people who I know have that level of commitment. I was struggling to maintain focus and motivation during lockdown, getting distracted and having a feeling of needing to catch up in work constantly. In the coaching session with Sam, I reconnected with what inspires me and energises me – an example being having a sense of freedom, lightness, and achievement at the end of each workday. I was able to realise a shift from the ‘comfort zone’ to being ‘in the zone’, put structures in place and fulfil on them with more energy and enthusiasm. Massively appreciate the help mate!

Patricia Creola

Patricia Creola Yoga

Sam supported and coached me during a leadership program we did together and I can highly recommend working with him. He is extremely trustworthy, warm and reliable. He was always there when I needed him. When I was at a point where I didn’t see a solution ahead, he quickly got into my world, totally understanding me and always managed to guide me from the darkness into the light. Thanks to Sam I had breakthroughs in romantic relationships and even more so I finally got to know and accept myself.

Pam O’Donnell

A year ago, a very dear friend and coach of mine, Sam Kukathas, reached out to me during a very challenging time in my relationship with my spouse had just hit rock bottom and I was ready to leave and not look back.. Our communication and some issues from the past..played a huge role with my decision..however, after a few sessions with Sam I was able to get to the root of the problem..and see it from a whole new and different I began putting what I had learned into action in our relationship.. It took time, lots of effort and plenty of get the relationship to a level where I felt I was finally able to let go of what happened in the past and move on with the has been one year and I am still with my the relationship perfect ? By no means "Perfection" is an illusion..but it's much stronger and healthier now.. Just by making peace with the past, setting my mind and soul free of what was weighing the relationship down..opening up the lines of communication, setting boundaries and implementing my learning.. of how it's supposed to be two people against the problem not one another..we were able to start with what Sam calls a "Blank Slate".. (great title by the way) I am so very grateful to you Sam..and would highly recommend you to anyone..who is in need of some coaching and expertise in their relationships...

Sarah Liebelt

Personal Trainer, Powerhouse Fitness

I've got my own personal training business, which is why I had a coaching session with The Philosophical Coach and Sam is amazing. What I really loved about both my interaction and coaching session with Sam is I really got that he got me. I was explaining about my business and we were going through the coaching process and I could just see on his face that he understood what I was talking about. Then when he repeated it back to me he said things that I kind of knew were hiding deep down, but he heard it in what I wasn't saying. And he articulated it and he highlighted it as important. Whatever he said back to me totally resonated with me that he got me. And I love that. That just created a whole space for new meaning and purpose behind my business. And together, just getting to that point, I just felt gotten, understood. I was energized. I was excited. There were tracks to run on, there was purpose, there were actions to take now, and I felt that they were manageable and not overwhelming, which is what I'd been feeling kind of before speaking to Sammy. So, thank you so much for your expertise and your confidence and your wisdom and your guidance and your love and support and for just getting me.

Michael Polsinelli

Creative Media Director

We all we know we’re a jumble of wires and thoughts that can get more tangled over time…As much as we know that, it doesn’t make us any better at sorting through them. Starting a business, which meant hitting a new phase in my career and life, I wanted to give myself the best chance to see things as clearly as possible. Past habits, past assumptions…I knew I needed to make everything work in my favour. Sam helped me zoom out, join dots in my thinking and begin articulating things for the first time that were in turn articulating me and my work. If you’re a human being, especially one with a specific vision, Sam will be a fantastic help.

Akeel Shaikh


I experienced Sam having my back. The things that one feels cannot be spoken about with anyone, are the exact things that Sam is a safe space for. Working with Sam leaves one with an unprecedented level of freedom from constraints. Sam gets what is being said, without manipulating what is being said. If there is an emergency, Sam is the kind of person who is a genuine support, he leaves the situation having made a transformational contribution in his wake. Taking one’s performance from good to great (or even average to great) in any area is what one would work with Sam for. Working with Sam is extremely valuable.

Kiera Kelly

Creative Director

Growing up, I was one of those kids who knew exactly what they wanted to do in life. As an adult in pursuit of perfectionism, I worked night and day, seven days a week to make my dreams come true. Slowly, workaholism, family problems, a hedonistic lifestyle and terrible relationship choices took its toll, leading to PTSD plus a bunch of chronic illnesses. For years, I went on, barely surviving. In the end, the symptoms became so debilitating, I'd be in bed for up to 15 days a month, every other day I would have to sleep 2-4 hours in the afternoon. The worst thing was that I couldn't work- my motivation was high, but my body couldn't keep up. For things to change, I had to change. Physically, the doctors could not help me. In life, I tried changing careers, monetising my interests, starting businesses, studying, therapy, alternative therapies, self-help, I even travelled to India for solutions- nothing was working, but time was marching on and I was getting physically, mentally and emotionally sicker. I was so ashamed of my illness, of not achieving my goals or maintaining my commitments that I shut myself off from the world, very few of my friends or family know why. There was so much I wanted to achieve, so much I wanted to contribute to, that I reached out to Sam for help- he was my last hope. In our first session, he was able to demystify a lifetime of negative behaviours, bad habits and limiting beliefs that kept even the most acclaimed therapists baffled. Over four months of working with Sam I have kicked my unhealthy ways, overcome negative thinking, conquered perfectionism, and re-gained control over my life. Most notably, with Sam's support -and my new-found motivation- I have been able to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle that has seen the debilitating symptoms I was experiencing with my health not only subside, but almost completely disappear. Now, I can return to work, to life, and accomplish what I have always wanted to do in life. Sam is one of the most empathetic, genuine and caring humans I have ever met. He applies his knowledge of the western philosophical canon practically, to identify problems, then uses neuroscience and human connection to devise solutions. He might not tell you what you want to hear, but he will tell you what you need to hear to break through whatever it is holding you back in achieving your dreams. Finally, Sam's genuine care and commitment to his clients is the secret to his -and your- success. Whether you're a high achiever, a leader, or someone just wanting more out of life, Sam goes above and beyond to get you there. I have no doubt his name will sit amongst greats like Tony Robbins, Werner Erhard and Rich Litvin in years to come. Sam Kukathas thank you for helping me get my life back. For giving me the courage to go public with my struggles. Now, to get started on that book!